Hi, everyone! My name is Madelyne Ray. I am 15-years-old and live 6 miles outside of Philadelphia in Ambler, PA. I have been interested in all things nature since as long as I can remember, but have only started seriously birding 2 years ago and boy, am I glad to have gotten into it. Birding has opened up a world to me that I never fully appreciated or experienced. I have met so many people, seen so many beautiful and fascinating things, and watched breath-taking birds from all around the country just by getting a field guide and pair of binoculars.
Along with meeting these wonderful people during Camp Colorado, I have also had the chance to attend the ABA’s Camp Avocet, Audubon’s Hog Island Camp, and Cornell University’s Young Birder’s Event (all of which I would recommend to any young birder).
I can’t wait to share my future adventures with you all, and I hope to inspire anyone who may find themselves peering out the window at the winged wonders that fly by and ponder their secrets.

P.S. If anyone is in the Philadelphia area, please feel free to contact me if you want me to show you the best spots to bird!

Email: rayofpa@comcast.net

Common Terns (Eastern Egg Rock, ME)

One comment

  1. What an awesome, informative post. Very well written. You have me so excited about birding that I recommend you change your name to “Birdie”. 🙂
    Love the image of the Common Terns who are anything but common.
    I’ll be following this blog through my feedly subscription.


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