Colorado Day 3

Hello Again,

Today was more of a calm day. We stayed at a hotel last night, and this morning, we picked up my dad from the airport. We did some shopping, and headed to our condo. When we got to the condo, I noticed that a stream ran straight along side it. Eagerly, my brother and I hopped out of the car with our football to get some play time in,. Before we could start, I had to walk to the edge of the river to scope it out. There were two AMERICAN DIPPERS about fifteen feet out. I was really excited because they seemed really tame. I ran back and got my camera while my dad and my brother set up their fly rod. I crept up over a little bridge, when I heard the dipper calling. It landed ten feet away! I crept up behind a little plant and laid flat on my stomach and fired away.0Y6A9816.jpg

For the next 40 minutes I was watching four American Dippers feed and sing all along this little creek.


I got the best looks of dippers I had ever seen in my life.


After being patient with the bird above on the stick, he flew across the river, and slowly walked towards me. I was laying down flat on the rocks, with my camera barely above the water. I laid very still trying to photograph it, but it walked too close! Over my lens in fact! I don’t have any photos to show how close it was, but I was shaking with excitement. I got up and left. There were trout everywhere so I wanted to fish. But I had no luck.

Good Birding!


Birds Seen Today:

Common Raven

American Dipper

Song Sparrow


Black-Billed Magpie

American Goldfinch


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