Hi all!

This is Eddie; I know I haven’t posted much lately, but here I am, alive, and with a new story.

At about five this morning,  I jumped out of bed, to the classic ‘I Like the Way You Move’ from Outkast blasting out of my phone. It was time for something that I had missed doing for sometime, and that was birding. I had been extremely busy with this absolutely useless thing called life, ya know? So, today was the day I could step out of being (regular) Eddie and become the Eddie who just wants to bird.

There has been a Black-legged Kittiwake at Steelworkers Park on the Southside of the city for some time now, and because of the seldomness of this bird, I really wanted to check it out. Since my mom had to be back home by eight for a Paddle Tennis game, we only had an hour or so to look for the bird, so we had to get in the car early. After about an hour, we got there and headed straight to the canal. The sun hadn’t yet risen so we had to wait for light to come and wake up the birds. One Red-throated Loon flew by just as the sun peaked up over the horizon. Red-breasted Mergansers streamed by, and landed in the water, along with multiple Herring and Ring-billed Gulls. After about thirty minutes, two gulls flew over our heads, and it looked like one of them had a black neck. I put my binoculars up, and sure enough, it was the Kittiwake!

3C1A4630 It slowly drifted out right into the sun before landing and settling down at the mouth of the canal.

fullsizeoutput_14fWe watched it for a few minutes, attempting to get some half-decent photos, but we pretty much failed. A few minutes later, and it was time to go, so – saying bye to the kittiwake – we walked back to the car, and drove the 45 minute drive back, arriving back at about eight, just as all of small town Western Springs seemed to be getting moving. I had seen another lifer, Continental ABA #581 and Illinois #304!

All for now!



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